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Workforce Management

Simplify and Automate Time, Attendance and Scheduling

Workforce Management Suite

Staff timekeeping, scheduling, web clock, supervisor dashboard, reporting…

Everything you need to more capably manage your staff and save money!

time and attendance

Time and Attendance

Cloud-based, mobile employees, swiftly customized, with next-generation tools.

time and attendance


Innovative features that simplify the intricacies of staff member scheduling.

time and attendance


Leave your desk behind and manage your staff member scheduling from your mobile device.

Payroll Integration

Payroll Integration

Integration with your payroll processing service delivers increased savings and reduced errors.

Need help getting set up?

We’re here for you! From a simple punch clock to a complex multi-shift schedule, we can get you up and operating—often within just a few hours!

Why Workforce Management Suite?

Simple: It makes you more profitable, efficient…

and can protect you in an audit!

Better Manage Labor Costs

Find out what you’re spending on labor, and where.

Employee wages are the number one business expense. You can’’t manage what you don’’t track! Can you identify with any of these common labor force problems?

Overworked Supervisors: Ad hoc and manual management of multi-layer schedules and personal communication with staff members can eat up valuable manager time leaving strategic initiatives undone. Are your managers spending more time coordinating than effectively managing?

High Overtime Costs: Excessive overtime may be due to increased work volume, high absenteeism, inefficient distribution of staff or understaffing. Low overtime and high absence could indicate too many employees. Do you know specifically what’’s driving your increasing costs?

Wrong Resource on the Job: You may have available resources but the responsibilities require individual skill sets, qualifications, or certifications in order to be productive or compliant. Can you smoothly (or automatically) place the right skills in the right place at the right time?

Out of Touch Employees: Engage staff members by giving them access to available shift opportunities and the capacity to trade or pick up shifts. Online time cards, schedules, and communicating with managers. Text or email notifications for schedule updates and opportunities. Can your employees help you manage themselves?

No Records for Audit or Analysis: Whether the company or another entity needs verification, having adequate reporting and analysis proficiencies plus the historical data is crucial for effective management. Can you identify what you did wrong– or right?

Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Avoid fines, penalties, and lawsuits.

New standards now or soon to be in effect could seriously impact your bottom line. These include:

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Overtime Provisions: Applies to all companies. Any worker making less than $913 per week and working over 40 hours MUST be paid overtime. Eliminate any question with automated staff timekeeping.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA): Classifying and recording hours for full-time, part-time, variable, and seasonable employees is mandatory according to ACA standards. Noncompliance OR dissatisfactory reporting can result in fines, sanctions, and lawsuits against an employer.

Do you need automated employee time tracking, scheduling, and reporting in order to comply with industry or government provisions?

Our advanced automated time tracking and scheduling solution will enable you to more efficiently track hours worked, and paid and non-paid breaks to meet the nonelective provisions. Avoid penalties, store records for verification, all while streamlining how you track time and labor to ensure your team members are paid accurately and on time.

Associated HCM Workforce Management Suite Features

Next-gen tools to help you administer timekeeping, limit labor costs, and stay compliant.

time and attendance

Time & Attendance

Cloud-based, mobile staff members, promptly customized, with state-of-the-industry features.

time and attendance


Automated features that simplify the intricacies of worker scheduling.

time and attendance


Mobilize your labor force to punch in/out, accept schedules, and volunteer for eligible shifts.

Payroll Integration

Payroll Integration

Learn how our payroll integration can save you time and help you avoid costly errors.


Advanced Scheduling: Complex schedules made simple! Flexible shift definitions and schedule templates with —up to five organization levels. Multi-manager, multi-department, multi-location capability. Unlimited weeks, shifts per week, and rotating patterns. Multiple roles with role-based authentication and approvals. Everything you need for streamlined management of a few to hundreds of associates in any industry.

Compliance Enforcement: The schedule auto-manages compliance! Define schedules with specifications for shift duration, overtime, and shift proximity. Require certifications for positions with auto check for individual worker expiration. Support minimum/maximum hour preferences and weekend count. Reduce your compliance risk, better oversee your labor force and dispense with needless overtime.

Simplified Management: Let the system and team members do the work! Drop and pick up shifts from the Virtual Trade Board and submit timesheets. Team members manage their own schedule preferences, submit time off requests, and coordinate with managers online. Auto track staff member status to adhere to labor laws.

System Messaging and Alerts: Text or email notices for new schedule, changed schedule, open shifts, trades, and daily reminders. Even alerts on overtime thresholds. Managers and team members coordinate through an online message center. No one can say, “I didn’t know!”

Time and Attendance

Time Card Management: Save countless admin hours! And do away with old school manual timekeeping systems. Make real-time edits, record and store auditable time card approvals that protect against labor disputes. Ensure the accuracy of your timekeeping data for DOL, FLSA, ACA, PBJ compliance.

PTO Tracking: Stop guesstimating PTO hours and reduce admin errors! System automatically calculates PTO balances based on time worked. Push real-time data to time cards. Create oversight for supervisors so that understaffing is never a problem.

Employee Self-Service: Empower your staff members with transparency! Enable them to check their PTO balances, submit time-off requests, view and approve their time cards. And have happier, more productive employees.

Mobile Timekeeping App: Simplify timekeeping! Team members can view time cards, submit time-off requests and punch in/out from anywhere. But don’’t worry, you’ll have the oversight you need with punch location details via PinPoint GPS.

TimeWorksPlus makes sure you have reliable timekeeping records, minimizes payroll processing time, and improves compliance.

Web and Mobile

A time clock without parts! No hardware to configure. Log in from any internet browser, embed a time clock in your company web page. Track paid breaks based on hours worked. Meal and transfer buttons. IP verification ensures associates are where they should be and ready to work!

PunchLogic: Eliminate time clock punch errors! Punch menu options based on current state and eligibility. Capture in/out punch data, job codes, mileage, tips, department transfers and more in real time. PunchLogic prevents punch errors and produces trustworthy data to manage effectively.

Mobile Apps: Punch clock in your pocket! Free on any iPhone or Android mobile device (App Store or Google Play). No maintenance required. Augment punches with PinPoint GPS locations. Managers see current status for clock-in/out and PTO along with workforce information.

Employee Self-Service: Share the load! Employees can view their own time cards, submit time-off requests, punch in/out, log job codes, mileage, tips, department transfers and more— from anywhere. Lighten manager loads with automation and self-service.

Manager Super-Vision: Monitor staff member status in real time— from anywhere! Review remote staff levels, view current clock-in/out and PTO. Filter by department, manager, or location. Review, edit, and approve schedule and time cards on the go.

Payroll Integration

Payroll Integration: Close the loop! Integration of time tracking with payroll dissolves the last barrier to complete automation, turning time cards into paychecks. Integration solutions are available for payroll bureaus and payroll software packages— hosted online or onsite. Sync data between systems, reconcile, and process payroll— all without file export/import or manual entry.

All The Majors: Regardless of your payroll processing platform or software, chances are we have a solution that will integrate Time and Attendance and Scheduling for seamless data transfers. In addition, we also integrate with leading Workforce Management solutions for Human Resources and Labor Analytics plus focused solutions for hotel management, finance, healthcare, and hospitality.

Integration API: For custom solutions, we have an API that allows you to specify desired data fields and then retrieve or export via REST to other systems. Use it to create custom reports, analyze data or store summarized data for future/potential audits. Integrate with other specialized systems such as workforce modeling and planning, location analysis, job costing, or any system where labor hours are helpful.