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Associated HCM Workforce Management Suite

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Out With Overtime

With new DOL standards that impact employers in New York and across the nation, overtime generates more than just higher labor costs.

Even a 15-minute per day fluctuation in employee clock in or out can be a crippling expense. Workforce Management Suite integrates scheduling with time and attendance to help you better control schedule adherence including designated clocking times, triggers, and warnings that reveal areas of abuse and vulnerability. Even with standard settings, you can save a considerable amount in hard overtime expenses, and avoid penalties and time-and-a-half situations before they occur.

Save Your Schedule

Tracking employee time is essential, however this isn’t your most troublesome area of friction when it comes to managing your schedule. Managing last-minute scheduling revisions including shift switching, sick time coverage, and overlaps can be an expensive waste of time.

Workforce Management Suite saves your schedule with integrated tools including TimeWorksPlus and TimeSimplicity for managing time and attendance more effectively. Workforce Management Suite shifts scheduling accountability to your labor force to reduce management impact.


Save Time with Automation

Advanced Team Scheduling

Makes Tracking Overtime Easy

Raise Employee Retention

Down With Deviations

When workers are absent or tardy, a cascade of costs stack up and generate a ripple of expense through your entire business. Workforce Management Suite helps reduce this impact by allowing management to share the accountability for rescheduling with workers.

User-friendly virtual swapping and pickup boards eliminate time-consuming calling frenzies. Automated record keeping generates supporting documentation for disciplinary actions and helps you deal with chronic employee problems.

Raising Retention

You will welcome saving time and money, and you will also enjoy an improvement in employee retention.

Workforce Management Suite helps you manage workers with fewer complications and conflicts while providing improved flexibility and control in timekeeping and scheduling.

Upgrade and Save

One easy move will save you a lot of money while streamlining time management. The result is improved employee productivity and improved staff retention.

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